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I coach tech founders & CEOs on how to scale from Seed to IPO to $500 Million. During 30+ years in operating roles at companies like Google and P&G, I’ve mentored 100+ tech founders and operators. I’ve been a tech founder or operator at six startups in data, cloud & AI technologies from inception to IPO. And, I was also the CMO at 2 public tech companies.

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I find that there are thousands of growth tools, tips & techniques in the market. These are great to master when you are starting out as an entrepreneur, a product manager, a growth marketer or a sales manager.

At mid-point in your career, you realize that tools & techniques are not enough. You are in the thick of a complex initiative; your growth is stalled; your product launch is not successful; your market plans are not working; and you are unsure of where to lead the team.

That's when you need to step outside of your perspective or role and find new ways to fix the growth problem.

My strong suit is in creating practical frameworks that help you find new ways to grow.

These growth patterns - and their underlying principles - are designed to make you break your current frame, generate fresh insights and integrate these insights back into new plans that are practical and implementable. By focusing on patterns and principles, you can re-orient yourselves to identify the right tactics that you need to move forward.

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About Product Market Fit - Courses

I teach online cohort based courses for tech founders, product & GTM leaders. For Series A or B companies, searching for PMF, this is the foundational course.

Product Market Fit Bootcamp

Here is a shorter version of the bootcamp targeted towards founders in India, Israel, Europe or Asia looking to enter the U.S. market.

PMF: Essentials for Entering the U.S.

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Technologies - from SaaS to Cloud computing, from APIs to business services, from data to AI - are changing how businesses run, grow and innovate. Yet, most business leaders find it difficult to extract value from these technologies, or use them to grow their business. Even within the tech industry, firms find it hard to achieve product-market fit or scale profitably through multiple routes to market.

In this blog, I explore:

How business leaders can cut through the complexity of scaling their customers…

Through patterns that drive growth, achieve product market fit and build competitive advantage

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Creative Works

Occasionally, I scratch my creative itches. I have written a play on the partition of India, made a documentary on the shadow puppets of Kerala, translated the Punjabi poetry of Amrita Pritam into English and Hindi translation (audio); and I maintain a personal blog of my musings.

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A blog for tech leaders seeking to scale their business. Anurag Wadehra explores patterns that drive growth, achieve product market fit and build a sustainable brand


Growth Coach & Instructor. ex-Google, P&G. Interested in patterns of product market fit and growth at scale. Twitter @awadehra