Working with Anurag

I teach, write, coach and advise tech company founders and CEOs.

Here are different ways to learn from me.

Join Product Market Fit Bootcamp

This is a hands-on workshop for those CEOs & founders willing to revisit and sharpen their product-market plans. For seed stage founders, you must have a product in market (at least an MVP), and a few live customers. For Series A or B companies, you might want to bring your GTM head (sales or marketing) and Product head to the bootcamp - to ensure deeper assessment and faster progress.

Product Market Fit Bootcamp

Here is what founders & CEOs have to say who took the course.

“This course helped me stitch everything together. The most important part - it brought clarity”

“Anurag helped me understand how PMF looks like in real-world”

“The structured framework for evaluating PMF and the supporting material/pre-work …allowed me to self learn and prepare” …more testimonials

Join Product Market Fit: Essentials for Entering the U.S. Market

This is a shorter version of the bootcamp targeted towards founders in India, Israel, Europe or Asia looking to enter the U.S. market. …testimonials

PMF: Essentials for Entering the U.S.

“If you are a SaaS startup from India with aspirations to expand to the US, Anurag Wadehra is emerging as a leading US GTM / PMF Whisperer.” Sajith Pai, Blume VC

Learn through my self-paced video courses on Product Market Fit, U.S. Entry and Value Story.

These short courses with bite-sized videos and worksheets are designed for you to learn at your own pace. Better yet, once you complete any of these courses, reach out to me and I’m happy to have a brief session to answer any of your questions.

Growth Matter Video Courses

Get 1:1 coaching

Check my 1:1 coaching availability (project based or ongoing) where I help you bust through your challenges in hands-on sessions as your growth coach.

My focus is to help you dramatically improve your company’s growth performance, by coaching you (and your team) on high growth methods and behaviors. Typically, I coach twice a month in a live session, but I am available virtually anytime via text and email.

“There are a lot of people in Silicon Valley who dispense wisdom without any regard to efficacy. There are an equal number who are so mired in the minutiae that that the details paralyze their ability to think conceptually. Anurag is the rare breed who perfectly balances the two, without judgement.”

“He has incredible breadth across marketing, product and strategy. This combination of details + big picture is unique and invaluable.”

My coaching style is NOT for everyone.

I set a high bar, and only work with CEOs, founders and PMs who have fire in the belly - and are willing to engage deeply in pursuit of getting better results. To learn more about how I coach, check out these testimonials.

Work on select projects

Occasionally, I help CEOs and founders dramatically improve their company’s growth performance, by delivering specific projects with measurable outcomes based on my expertise and interest.

Ideal projects are:

  • Develop company’s strategic narrative

  • Repositioning product & brand

  • Define, test and launch a tech solution in market

  • Assess and revamp GTM capabilities & plans

  • Help hire and build marketing & sales teams

  • Guide U.S. market entry strategy and execution

Board Advisor

I serve on the board of advisors at several tech companies where I offer ongoing advice to the CEO.

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