Wall of Love

Here is what others say about my coaching and teaching practice

1:1 Coaching

My coaching style is NOT for everyone. I set a high bar, and only work with CEOs who have fire in the belly - and are willing to engage deeply in pursuit of getting better results.

Here is what founders & CEOs have to say about working with me.

“Anurag is a fabulous coach.”

“He has incredible breadth across marketing, product and strategy. This combination of details + big picture is unique and invaluable.”

“There hasn’t been a single time I’ve met him in the last several years, where I haven’t walked out of the conversation having learned a new way to consider a problem. Anurag encourages deep thinking and, and a fearlessness of the abstract, all the while grounding answers in the practical, the immediate. He does it without even the slightest whiff of pedantry.”

“Anurag has further opened his contacts, his network and expertise to us constantly.”

“Spending time with Anurag, analyzing problems and looking at how solutions fit (or don’t fit) is invariably an exercise in applying reason and logic to hypotheticals. He encourages blue sky thinking but the way he does it causes a systematic understanding of all the implications, consequences and requirements in pulling off wild ideas.”

“Working with Anurag has has helped me grow personally. I have been able to refine my approach, learn to be more patient and thoughtful and also pursue my dreams like starting my own company. I appreciate Anurag's help and influence through this process.”

“One of the things I love the most about working through concepts with Anurag is this constant interplay between the theoretical and the immediate.”

“It’s like having a favorite professor, or wise counsel, who also has an uncanny ability to help you figure out how to put structure to ideas, without compromising on either the concept or on the practicality of executing it.

“There are a lot of people in Silicon Valley who dispense wisdom without any regard to efficacy. There are an equal number who are so mired in the minutiae that that the details paralyze their ability to think conceptually. Anurag is the rare breed who perfectly balances the two, without judgement.”

“Anurag cares about helping people. It is not just another task for him. He strives to add meaningful value to every one of our sessions.

“Anurag especially shines at the problems which don’t have easy answers. He doesn’t give out the answers. Rather, his approach is to help you ask better questions so that you yourself are better equipped to figure the answers on your own. That wisdom is priceless and is a key reason why I would recommend him.”

“Anurag's first-principles approach to breaking down problems combined with his socratic-method of coaching helps me solve my own questions”

“We started out as a consumer idea in one segment and slowly pivoted to a B2B idea in a different one. Anurag's probing and guidance helped us find our own way through asking better questions to get to the right final decisions. He has been instrumental in refining our concept.

“I can’t endorse his counsel in stronger terms.”

An incredible experience - clear thinker, a pleasure to work with.”

“Anurag is incredibly patient and thoughtful in his approach.”

“Anurag is a role-model, shows me what true success can look like, helping me grow personally.”

Live Cohort Based Courses

Product Market Fit Bootcamp

This is a hands-on workshop for those CEOs & founders willing to revisit and sharpen their product-market plans.

Product Market Fit Bootcamp

“This course helped me stitch everything together. The most important part - it brought clarity”

“Anurag helped me understand how PMF looks like in real-world”

“The structured framework for evaluating PMF and the supporting material/pre-work …allowed me to self learn and prepare”

“ Anurag helped me distill the important questions to ask at every step in the journey”

“The way Anurag engaged people and connected the dots was very enriching”

Product Market Fit: Essentials for Entering the U.S. Market

This is a shorter version of the bootcamp targeted towards founders in India, Israel, Europe or Asia looking to enter the U.S. market.

PMF: Essentials for Entering the U.S.

“If you are a SaaS startup from India with aspirations to expand to the US, Anurag Wadehra is emerging as a leading US GTM / PMF Whisperer.” Sajith Pai, Blume VC

Growth Matters

“Growth Matters is the modern B2B SaaS marketer's handbook to growth and success. It explains many foundational marketing concepts that B2B companies think don't apply to them or don't know how to apply to their business. We have already started putting into practice some of the strategies outlined. “ - Dias Nesmoney, CEO, Jivox

Here are different ways to work with me. Contact me on LinkedIn or aw@anuragwadehra.com.